Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Huntsville Kitchen Fire

A stove fire in this Huntsville home caused fire and smoke damage to most of the house.  A portion of the cabinets had to be replaced but our crews were able to clean and salvage most of the home's structure and the homeowner's belongings.  We also have a picture of the smoke damage to the dining room in our Photo Gallery.  

Dining Room Smoke Damage

This is the dining room of a Huntsville home that had fire and smoke damage as a result of a cooking fire.  The line of smoke damage is fairly prominent on the top third of the walls.  

Smoke Damaged Walls

This Huntsville home suffered heavy smoke and soot damage after a fire.  SERVPRO of South Madison County crews have the proper training and equipment to handle fire damage cleanup whether the job is large or small.  

Light Soot on Ceiling after Fire

Smoke and soot damage can be heavy or it can be very light.  This soot damage in barely noticeable from across the room.  Smoke from the furnace caused this soot damage to 5 rooms in this Huntsville home.  

Smoke damaged furniture cleanup

Soot covered this wood table after a fire.  We had one of our employees clean only half of it to show our abilities to clean and restore your belongings after a fire.  

Cleaning soot from ceiling

This Huntsville home had soot damage caused by the gas logs in the fireplace.  This is an in progress picture of our crew as they clean the soot from the ceiling.  At the top right, you can see the difference in the area that has been cleaned.