Water Damage Photo Gallery

Collapsed Ceiling From Upstairs Toilet Leak

This is definitely not something you would want to discover when you return home.  The ceiling of this Huntsville home collapsed from the weight of water damage.  The cause was a leaking toilet upstairs.  

Toilet Leak

A common cause of water damage is a leaking toilet.  In this Huntsville home, an upstairs toilet started leaking while the homeowner was out of town.  When the homeowner returned home, the ceiling in her kitchen downstairs had collapsed (pictured previously in our gallery).

Water heater leak

The water heater leaked in this Huntsville home resulting in water damage to the ceiling, walls and flooring in the laundry room and kitchen below.  The crawlspace and HVAC ducts were also affected.  

Drying Hardwood Floors

The water heater leaked in this Huntsville home and water damaged the hardwood flooring in the kitchen.  When dealing with water damaged hardwood floors, a fast response and the correct equipment are crucial to prevent damage beyond repair.  

Commercial Water Damage Huntsville AL

After a thunderstorm caused water damage to the roof of this apartment complex in Huntsville, the ceiling collapsed.  

Check out our Before/After Photos page to see the mess created when all the insulation fell.  

Large Church Water Damage in Decatur, AL

In June of 2014, a large 3 story church in Decatur called us with a water loss that originated on the 3rd floor. We call this a "top down" water loss. SERVPRO has the industry advantage of having a near limitless amount of equipment and available help from our surrounding Franchises. In this instance we had to use three truck pulled dessicant dehumidifiers and hundreds of pieces of smaller equipment (air movers and dehumidifiers) to get this Church back available to open their doors.