Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Media Blasting a crawlspace affected by mold and microbial growth

Crawl Space Blasting

We gave a new and improved face lift to this crawlspace in Huntsville, AL.  Damage was due to a large water loss under the house.

Roof Water Damage

This small site is the source of damage for a mold remediation job.  Hail damage caused a small leak which wasn't noticed right away.  Over time, mold developed and spread. See the before/after photos here.

Mold After Roof Damage

One of our crews works on a mold remediation job in Huntsville.  The homeowner discovered mold on her ceiling and walls.  The mold was caused by a small roof leak after hail damage three months prior.

Mold inside kitchen cabinets

This is another picture from the kitchen of a rental home in Madison, AL.  Here you can see the mold growth inside the kitchen cabinets.  This mold is a different color than the mold on the ceiling above the cabinets.  

Mold on kitchen ceiling

The mold growth in this Madison, AL rental home spread from the 2nd level down to the kitchen.  In this photo, you can see mold on the ceiling and the crown molding.  

Mold on baseboards

Heavy mold growth along the baseboards of a room on the 2nd level of a rental home in Madison, AL.  See some of our other gallery pictures to see how the mold spread throughout the house.  

Mold behind toilet

Mold grows on the wall behind the toilet at this rental home in Madison, AL.  The home was vacant and the mold spread quickly throughout both levels of the home.