Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Collapse After Upstairs Water Damage

An upstairs toilet in a Huntsville home flooded while the homeowner was gone. The homeowner returned home to find "a waterfall in the kitchen, dining and livin... READ MORE

Madison AC Leak Water Damage

The AC unit leaked in this Madison home and caused water damage to the utility room, hallway, hall closet, a bedroom and bedroom closet. Our crews had to remov... READ MORE

Water damaged ceiling

The upstairs water heater malfunctioned in this Huntsville home and caused water damage to 3 levels. The water ran for an unknown amount of time. Nine rooms w... READ MORE

Water heater leak

In this Huntsville home, the water heater located in the attic leaked. The water came down through the light fixtures and ceiling fan and spread throughout sev... READ MORE

Wall/ceiling damage from frozen pipe

January is usually the worst month for frozen pipes. That is what happened to this customer's home in Hazel Green, AL. The pipe busted and caused water damage... READ MORE

Three story top down church water damage

We assisted a large Decatur, AL church after a water leak in an upstairs floor caused water damage to 3 levels of the church. Our crews responded quickly to he... READ MORE